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Cohiba Lancero

Origin: Cuba

Size: Lancero 

Length: 7 and 1/2 inches

Gauge: 38

Average price $38

One of the most fairytale cigars Habanos produces. There a love hate in this relationship. Draw issues. Either it’s an amazing draw or it’s a couple shit show. So this experience will depend on the draw. I have had amazing ones, and ones that don’t draw worth a shit. The Lancero to me is a thing of beauty. Slim, long and elegant.. let’s get started


The aroma of this cigars fantastic. Very delicate with some cedar. This particular cigar is from 2016, its ready to be smoked. Cold draw is very cedar. I love when a cigar taste like this before it’s lit. Initial light is on the easy side. Great way to start. The retro is nice and smooth a little under tone of cedar of sitting in the box for 4 years. No spice, no harshness. Just smooth and tasty. Great after lunch start!!


It’s still light and smooth. The cedar under tone has went away in the retrohale. The flavor is everything I expect from a cohiba. Smoking this cigar brings me back to the first Cuban I smoked everytime. I have a thing for Lanceros ever since. As for this current one I’m smoking they flavor is getting more in-depth. It’s really nice! Should I take lying and giving you a bunch of bunk flavors? Nah! It’s a fucking great smoke so far thought. 


The flavor has become more robust. The retrohale is strong, but still pleasant. 4 years aged is perfect for a Cohiba. The maturity sure is able to shine through. I’m enjoying this to the very end. There’s absolutely nothing I can say could be improved for this. It has been great! I don’t want it to end but it will be ending here shortly. Not one bit of harshness and spice through the entire stick. Bravo!!! I wish I could explain the flavor better, but I really do my best to give my personal experience. In saying that if you ever smoke this and come up with flavors… Message us to tell us!


Real Men and Women smoke Lanceros. Cohiba Lancero is one of the best in the business. I absolutely loved this cigar. I stated earlier there’s a buyer beware with these due to draw issue. You I buy a single stick…. yes I have quite a few times. Would I buy a box…. yes I have bought over 20 boxes in my lifetime. If you are willing to risk having 2-8 sticks in a box having draw issues then buy it. If you are not, just see if you can find yourself a single to enjoy.. it really might change your thought on risk verse reward, you can always give the ones that feel hard to people you don’t know. I hope you enjoyed this ride. Until next time. 

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Mike Federico