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Cohiba Novedoso Cohiba Novedoso

Origin: Cuba

Cuban puro 

Size: Robusto extra

Length: 6 and 1/8 inch

Ring gauge: 50 

Average price: $40 a stick

I want to make a disclaimer, I’ve smoked at least 10 of these already. I’ve loved everyone excepted for one that was plugged and was really unsmokeable. The rest my best explanation was light and creamy. So here we go, I’m actually going to break this bitch down by beginning, middle and end. I promise not to say some dumb shit and make you chase a flavor you never tasted before. Also I will be drinking regular soda water to influence the flavor in any other way.


So from get on the light this cigar has very nice light smoothness to it. Everything and more you expect from a Cohiba. Here is an interesting note, then aroma from the initial light (I’m not talking about the taste) had an interesting sweet floral smell. I am not gonna lie to you and tell some specific flower. The retrohale is where I find the classic sweet cedarish flavor that the fabled Cohiba brings. So far, it’s better than the last ones I smoked if you like smooth so far you’d be stoked. Creamy is the best definition I can give for the beginning.


Another great thing I’ve only had to relight it once and it was my fault for interacting on Instagram instead of smoking. Now the smoothness is still there but that cedar flavor is more apparent especially on the retro. The beautiful part is getting no spice, which can be prevalent in a young cuban cigar. The sweetness is starting to fade though at this point. I want to tell some breakthrough, but the only things that have changed is the above description in flavor have only increased with sweetness taking a back seat. Bye bye sweetness.


Oh man… I got a fucking nicotine buzz, I rarely get those. As I reach the end I am still not getting the youth flavors. This cigar in the few months it has rested just keeps getting better and better. Yes as I smoke it, it has gotten stronger. Stronger in very pleasant way. No spice, retro is still very good. Sometimes at this point I’m a cigar the retro can be unbearable. But not this one. I have thoroughly enjoyed this ride. I hope this helped.


Amazing stick in my opinion. Doesn’t mean everyone and anyone that reads this will get the same experience. When it comes to Cubans consistency and quality control are not hallmarks of communism. Do I suggest you buy one to try? … fuck yeah…. if you are a collector do I suggest you buy a box? …. hell yeah, buy as many as the first release you can because this thing will only get better with age! Enjoy this baby to the nub as I did! Until next time.