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Cohiba Siglo V (Tubo)

Origin: Cuba

Cuban puro

Size: Lonsdale 

Length: 6 3/4 inch

Gauge: 43

Average price $30

This is not the first time I will smoke this cigar and it will not be the last. I’ve smoked cigars since the end of 2011 so in my time I’ve easily smoke 50 of these before today… number one problem with these has always been a tight draw. Let’s hope that’s not the case today because it will end up being a shitty review. So the disclaimer is I have liked this cigar in the past! Let’s hope it smokes. I’ll be having light roast Kenyan coffee with it today. 


The cold draw (the draw off of it before lighting it) is very light and sweet. I’m getting airflow so I don’t believe it will be plugged. The initial light up is very light flavor. A couple puffs and a retrohale later and now some of the touted Cohiba flavors are coming through. Here is something I’d like to point out, this cigar is a thin ring gauge. In the thicker Cohiba i would experience more creaminess. But in this thinner ring gauge I get more cedar because I’m getting more wrapper. This cigar is from a tube so it been marinated with cedar for a minute. The beginning has been pretty medium to full for a Cuban. Some sweet aspects, but a lot of cedar. The construction is very nice. The ash has perfect rings. A feature long ash smokers hope for. I’m not a long ash guy, that shit ends up on my shirt and pants. The coffee I’m drinking with this helps bring a small hint of a chocolate taste. It’s influencing the flavor of the cigar. I doubt I’d taste that if I was drinking water. 


The flavor of cedar is getting strong. Sweetness if becoming just a hint. I am enjoying the smoke, although the retrohale is a complete cedar bomb at this point. It should be changing at some point in the middle. However the cigar is still very smooth. Flavor is intensifying but still very nice. Lonsdale is not one of my favorite sizes, but that’s just me. I do my best to be subjective. I basically write my thoughts as smoke. So, it’s totally first hand. The smoke isn’t as full and blooming, but the flavor of cedar and now a little spice is certainly shining through. We will see how the ending rolls on this. Cigars that change for the good are a beautiful thing. This cigars flavors are getting way more depth. 


Oh man, so the retrohale now is a complete flavor bomb. The normal draw is not as full flavor as the the retro. Spice, cedar with a light cocoa tone to it. Now I’m not saying everyone will get that, but if you have a nice cup of your favorite coffee it will assist you to get these awesome flavors! The normal hale is still cedar and some spice. It full flavor now, but not as full as the retro. By no means has this been a boring cigar to smoke. It’s been a very enjoyable ride. FLAVOR TOWN USA BABY, through the route of Cuba. I’m smoking this bitch as far as to the nub as I can!


Very good stick! As long as you don’t get a plugged one and enjoy a thinner gauge cigar this is for you. Would I buy a single stick… yes in tube I would. Would I buy a box… I would buy a 3 pack or 15 pack in the tubes. I would not buy a box of 25 due to the thinner ring gauge more chances of plugged cigars. Hope you enjoyed my brain storm thought session. I really don’t look at this as a review but more of first hand thoughts as I smoke. Until next time

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Mike Federico