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Hiram & Solomon Master Mason

Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper:Habano Maduro Oscuro

Binder: Indonesian Sumatra  

Filler: Habano Jalapa, Habano Ometepe, Ligero Habano Esteli 

Size: Petit Corona

Length: 4 inches

Gauge  42

Price: unknown

There’s not much info on this size cigar from them, I believe It’s new and in the process of being added to their line. This is a newer brand, some people seem to love and other people do not. I guess that goes for everything under the sun. This cigar is really small so this will be over very quickly 


The smell of the cigar in interesting. Reminds me on an Asian spice or something like that. The cold draw taste nothing like Asian spice, a hint of sweet tobacco… initial light very easy. Sometimes when I light a cigar I have never smoked before I feel like I’m being punched in the mouth… I fucking hate being punched in the mouth. The draw is rather remarkable for such a small cigar. Lots of rich flavor and smoke for such a little guy. On the flip side the retro is light on flavor. I thought my eyes might tear up, but it didn’t. I can taste the maduro wrapper for sure… Maduro wrappers always leave a weird film on my tongue. See how quick that was we are already moving on. 


In the middle the Flavor turned mild. On the exhale it leaves a zing on my tongue. Zing is the best word I got for that. Still a flavor coating is left behind in my mouth. Some people love cigars that have an after taste… like I’ve said we all have a preference. This is not a spectacular and it’s not bad. So far, it’s a perfect work cigar and that’s currently where I’m smoking it. The maduro wrapper certainly sticks out. 


This cigar moved rather quickly. I feel like a blinked and I am almost done. The thicker ring gauges in this line I have experienced certain notes. I think due to the size and length it’s just a straight forward cigar. I did not find a hidden note. I do know I smoked a little baby cigar with a maduro wrapper, because I can still taste it after I just put it down. Sorry this was a short and quick ride, but this was a short and quick cigar. Took me 20 minutes to smoke it. 


Very quick smoke, great for us you are short on time. No pairing really needed for it because your drink will last longer than the cigar. Perfect for work on your break. It’s not the best cigar… by no means it’s not a bad cigars. Would I smoke one again? Yes, I love small cigars at work… would I buy a single stick… sure if it was priced right.. would I buy a box… I’d buy a box on sale and leave it in my humidor at work to smoke. I hope you all enjoyed this quick journey with me. 

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Mike Federico