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Plascencia 146 Cosecha La Música

Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Honduras Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Honduras/Nicaragua </b

Size: Robusto

Length: 5 inches

Ring gauge: 50

Average Price: $12 a stick

I’ve smoked one of these in this line, but it was the pyramid. The pyramid was pretty good, so this being one of my favorite sizes in Robusto I’m hoping to be very pleased. This line is supposed to have filler from 2011 in it. I love a good aged cigar, I’ve got a cup of Cuban coffee, splash of cream… no sweetness.


The scent of this cigar is pleasant, I’m not gonna lie some cigar have a terrible scent. I always sniff the foot of the cigar when I do these little sessions with you, I just wanted to clarify what I meant by scent in the beginning. The cold draw is very basic, but none the less is nothing terrible. Oh and this should piss some people off I really don’t “toast” cigars… I light that bitch up and smoke it. Initial light is not harsh or strong, it everything I’d expect from aged tobacco. The first retrohale is nice and smooth, no burn to my nostrils or throat, but there much more flavor in the retro. I believe coffee (so far) is excellent with this… if you like liquor I’d go with a scotch… personally Macallan 18 is the perfect mix with most lighter cigar, but it’s your preference not mine to choose. (I haven’t drank in 10 years)….🤷🏻‍♂️… construction is nice and the draw is perfect. Everytime I smoke a plasencia I’m never disappointed but the quality of the roll. I’m happy with the mild flavor. It’s my first cigar of the day, I have to head to work in a bit. I don’t like when a cigar sticks with me. I can tell this cigar won’t. Let’s say the beginning of this has been on point, no crazy nuances of flavors to describe. If there is anything maybe some woodsyness but even saying that is a stretch. The ash is perfect.


There is some creaminess in the middle. Now I must throw a disclaimer in here. Creaminess is not the same with different origins of tobacco. Regular exhale might be creamy, but the retro has some good spice to it. So it’s almost like smoking two different cigars on the different exhales. It’s enjoyable for sure. I’m not being let down at all. It’s a real bummer to start the day with a subpar cigar. At that point I might as well go back to bed and start over in a couple hours. The middle portion has been really good let’s see how it ends


The entire second half has much more in-depth flavors. That woody tome I said earlier might be there is really here at the end. It’s has a nice rich flavor. Not an overpowering flavor, but a subtle one that is very nice. The retrohale spice content is very high, it doesn’t burn my nose or make my eyes water so that’s a great attribute. In many ways this cigar exceeded my expectations. I got as close to the nub as possible. It had a very happy ending


Great first cigar of the day. Pleasurable and easy to smoke. It has great flavors and no let downs. Would a buy a single…. yes… at the price point it’s a great pick up… would I buy a box…. maybe so, if I could find one for about $180 I would… it’s a very good cigar. I hope you enjoyed this ride with me.

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Mike Federico