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Plasencia Reserva original

Origin: Nicaragua

Nicaraguan puro 

Size: Pyramid 

Length: 6 and 3/16 inches

Gauge: 52

Average price: $15 a stick. 

It’s fucking morning… day who knows in the quarantine. My hair is the longest it’s been in years. I wanted to make sure to smell the foot of this cigar while senses are still fresh, it’s very interesting all I smell is nicotine. I smoked cigarettes for many years before I smoked cigars (I no longer smoke cigarettes)… anyfuckingways… the cold draw is interesting. Reminded me of a sugarless fruit chew. Not like eating it, but the aroma of one. Since it’s morning I’ll be enjoying Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee with a splash of cream to pair with this smoke…. lets fucking roll


From the light up it smooth. Now I like to say if you are a strictly Cuban smoker it’s not Cuban smooth and comparing those is not a good comparison. Each region of tobacco has its own traits. Nicaraguan smooth has more flavor than Cuban smooth… okay let’s move one… I’m trying to think or a flavor to match the start of this with and I don’t have one just yet. But so far it does have a good taste. Interesting enough the retrohale is similar to the cold draw…. sugarless fruit gummy. Y’all gonna think I’m fucking crazy for say that. I think I might retro the entire cigar 🙂 🙂 :). I will say be careful doing a retro after the initial light up… it hurt… but really good since then. This cigar seems to be a good morning stick so far. It’s very light but does have flavor. Nothing over powering. Well balanced and great construction. Being balanced I think makes it to where I can’t find a flavor that jumps out at me. It’s not a flavor bomb by any means. Let’s see if there’s a change coming. 


I’m not a morning person, I live with 3 women, none in which I’m married to. My hopes of smoking in the morning is to be left the fuck alone. So far the middle portion is much the same as the first. It’s a good cigar night notes are sticking out to me. Which is very interesting being that I have ate absolutely nothing. So I am as unbiased as I can be at this point in the day. I don’t and haven’t put it down which is a good sign. It hasn’t went out once another sign of a well made cigar. Many other people may lie at this point and just start throwing notes and flavors at you, I’m not gonna do that it taste like a good cigar. Even the retrohale has yet to change. I’m waiting for the flavors to get more in-depth but it ain’t happened yet. Maybe it will in the end. 


This cigar is very very mild, I’m still waiting for intensity to pick up. There’s absolutely not a trace of harshness yet in this cigar. Creaminess a little. As creamy as a Nicaraguan can get in my opinion. It pretty much stays the same. A little deeper in flavor. It has notes of a good cigar hahahah. I’m not going to say it’s boring because it didn’t change, I only put it down once and that was to go to the restroom. The cigar never gets hot, perfect construction, well balanced. Hope you enjoyed this morning journey. 


Good well above average cigar. Perfect for mornings. The beginning cigar smoker would enjoy this. Smokes like a fucking champ. Would I buy a single…. yes, it’s priced well and it’s available at most lounges. Would I buy a box….. if I came across a steal of deal yes, but I got too much shit in my humidor to just buy a box at retail. If you are looking for something consistent and light it’s for you. I may add this to my mornings here and there. 

Hope you enjoyed this flavor ride with me. Check me out on Instagram where I post sticks and talk shit @therealbigheadmike

Mike Federico