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Punch Regional Cuba

Region: Cuba

Size: Robusto

Length: 5 inches

Ring gauge: 50

Average cost: $17

One of the coolest thing about Habanos SA is all the special edition releases they do. Regionals are a pretty fun concept they have. Allowing a region of the world to pick a brand and blend exclusively for them just sounds like an amazing process to be apart of. Today I will be smoking a cuba regional. I have to say something now. Today is a sad day for me, I have to say goodbye to one of my dogs. Daisy, a 13 year old King Charles Cavalier spaniel. She was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and she is not even a shell of herself. She stopped eating and drinking. Sorry, to share this, but I e said in the past that when I do these thoughts I’d write what comes to my mind and that is heavy on my brain today. 


The aroma of the unlit cigar is nice. Nothing special maybe a little grassy. The cold draw is grassy. No doubt. Little taste of cedar on the cold draw. Nothing fancy but subtle. The initial light is just that. Very light, a hint of cedar, great fucking draw. Retro is completely opposite strong and full flavor. I wasn’t expecting that at all. There’s no spice or youth at all. Which I really dig since it’s 9am. I hate spicy cigars in the morning ruins my fucking day. Cigar and coffee are great right now each complimenting the other. So far so good. 


Flavor is a little deeper. Still yet to get youthfulness out of it. Retrohale has calmed down. It’s more mild. It’s normal for a young Cuban to be stronger in the beginning on the retro. I’d say we are more on the woodsy-cedar side in flavor. Maybe the coffee is influencing that. But I’m happy so fuck it. It’s not spectacular but it’s solid. I’m getting enjoyment out of it and that is all that matters. 


Still very smooth. Absolutely nothing harsh. The end is nice due to the woodsyness intensifying. The retro is full of great flavor. I have one little probably I don’t get to finish it to the nub because I have to go take my dog to the vet. I’m happy with the cigar to this point. 


Very good cigar. Great draw and flavor. Easy everyday smoke. The price point varies, but if you know the right people they can be obtained for a great price. Would I buy a single stick… yes I have multiple times. …. would I buy a box.. yes I have bought 4 and have went through 3 already. I hope you enjoyed this flavor ride with me!


This cigar smoked this morning on May 29th 2020 will be in memory of my dog Daisy. At 13 she couldn’t go another day. With all the craziness in the world going on I ask you enjoy life’s moment. The happy and the sad. The good and the bad. Give love to everyone, even when you think they don’t deserve, because they need it the most. Pets only know us, they only know how we treat them and how we love them. I like to think I give my dogs a great life. It’s been a rough day. I wrote this section after going to the vet. 

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Mike Federico


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