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Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill Grand Reserva

Region: Cuba  

Size: Robusto

Length: 5 and 1/8 inch

Ring gauge: 55 

Average price: $100 a stick

Only 5000 boxes made for sale

(Festival coffins and singles were given away at the Habanos Festival)

If you really have yet to dabble in the higher end Cubans I’ll give you a quick run down on the Grand Reserva. Grand Reserva tobacco is all from one from farm and harvest. That tobacco is then aged 5 years before rolling. Every other year Habanos does a Grand Reserva. So this was the the one they did for 2015. Interesting fact, they were actually slowly released to the public for sale in 2017. A very odd delay. Normally the Grand Reserva line highly sought after making the price sky rocket. Originally if you were lucky enough to find this box in Cuba the price there was roughly $385, but everywhere else was $750 to $2000 for a box of 15 to give you an idea of how crazy these thing get. There’s no bad pairing for this cigar when it comes to coffee, water or liquor, just pick your favorite and light the fuck up. 


The smell of this cigar is incredibly delightful. Due to age lots of cedar, probably because it’s been sitting on cedar for a while. The cold draw is lovely. One beauty about Grand Reservas, unlike other Cubans they are rolled with more Precision. Less likely for bad rolls or draws. The initial is smooth and creamy. It’s unlike many other cigars I’ve smoked. This cigar is damn right delightful. The retrohale is as smooth silk with a ton of great flavor. I don’t know if you understand how nice it is to enjoy a cigar right from the start… but everytime I have lit one of these up I’m never ever disappointed. There is an in-depth rich flavor to this cigar in the beginning that is quiet unlike almost every cigar on the market. Normally it only gets better. 


It’s fucking amazing… there’s no bad after taste and any bullshit with this thing. The retrohale is an explosion of creaminess on top In-depth flavor. For the money, it has not disappointed. If I could I would smoke this cigar everyday. The age of the tobacco really is coming through in the middle. The ash stayed on this bad boy for a while, it only fell of because I’m reckless and can careless about being an ash king. If you enjoy keeping the ash on your cigar more power to you. I feel it takes away from me actually enjoying the cigar. I don’t smoke cigars to take pictures. I smoke them to relax and enjoy the flavors. The smoothness and flavor combined are incredible. Should make for a great finish


The biggest problem I am finding is I wish I could get another half hour out of this. The best smokes are the ones that leave you wishing it was a little longer. Although the smoothness of the smoke is still there, the flavor is very rich. Sometimes it is better not to say the flavors I’m getting to allow the reader to experience it for themselves. No the retrohale is amazing. If you wanted, you could puff the entire thing through retro. Yes, I smoked this bitch to the nub and I enjoyed every puff of this ride. 


Downright amazing. Habanos SA knocked others out of the park with this cigar. Love, love, loved it. Your I buy a single… yes… I already have, you only live once enjoy the finer things in life. Would I buy a box… yes… I have multiples… honestly top5 favorite cigars of all time. Hope you enjoyed this flavor journey with me until next time!

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Mike Federico