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Someone once asked me “How do you know so much about whisky?”  My response, “Easy, I drink a lot of it!” 

I’m not a whisky expert or brand ambassador by any means… I’m just another guy living the dream, one dram at a time.  My name is John Dayao, also known as @DayDrammer on Instagram, and I am an avid whisky collector and enthusiast.  I enjoy the finer things in life, but more importantly, sharing precious moments with friends, both old and new, over a great whisky and a cigar. 

My passion stems from my father, as many of us likely share similar memories of our dads drinking Johnnie Walker to commemorate milestone achievements.  Since he passed away in 2012, I’ve been carrying the torch sort of speak in an effort to find the perfect dram… the single malt or whisky to rule all whiskies, and the journey has been beyond enjoyable.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to try hundreds (maybe even thousands) of spirits through my club affiliations, organized whisky events, and personal tastings with other collectors.  Needless to say, my tastebuds have been quite spoiled, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good value whisky when I come across one.  I like what I like and you will too as you go further into your whisky journey, with a palate that you’ll find, evolves with you.  So with that, let’s evolve together, in search of our next favorite dram.  Cheers! 

All the best,

John Dayao