I would like to first introduce myself to you all… my name is David.

I moved to Southern California from the Detroit suburbs to pursue my acting entertainment career back in 1998. After realizing music was more my passion, I created my DJ company (D-DUB Entertainment) in 2007, since then, in 2010 I solidified myself as the “Entertainment and Nightlife Concierge” for the LA Travel Magazine, which includes DJing the quarterly magazine Red Carpet launch parties. These parties have resided in some of the hottest spots in LA & Hollywood including The “W” hotel rooftop lounge, The “Bourdot”, Project LA, SupperClub, and Riviera 31 to name a few.

My passion has always been rewarded by watching the energy of the crowd dance all night long.

In 2017 I was extremely fortunate to create with my business partner Alexander.

Since then I have taken a fancy to cigars, I’ve never smoked anything or even thought about it before.

I was turned on to cigars by an amazing beautiful gal friend of mine at an event I was working. Since then I’ve been learning and loving all about this amazing cigar culture that I never knew existed.

I look forward to meeting you all and connecting with more folks within the cigar culture.